Welcome to the House of Panache. We simplify marketing ideas for optimum amplification. We do that to allow Kenyans to understand why you do what you do through creativity, fun and reckless courage.

About Us


House of Panache is a multidisciplinary production company, design studio and marketing communications agency centered in Nairobi, Kenya. We write radio adverts. We write TV commercials and other relevant content, that get our clients clients’ necessary attention. We do well for organisations that have the capacity in African culture to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, harmony and humanity in the interests of building and maintaining community, the Ubuntu brands… or in Nairobian, Brands za wasee.



We tell brand stories for an always-on world that demands radical audience engagement by creating ideas that are propelled by the truth about brands we work on.

Branding & Design

Whether it’s for billboard or a Facebook post, we make small groups of specialists in Brand Identity Design, Packaging Innovation & Design, Graphic Design & Environmental Design

Film Production

We’ve created a formidable production team of experts videographers, editors and animators.

Video Editing Suites

We have three edit suites for use by our esteemed clients. Our digital video editing services aims to embrace the embodiment of your ideas and bring them to life on screen in a way that is high-tech, high-quality, creative, and most importantly, affordable.


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