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Kibera Talent Search

THE BRIEF We believe that talent cannot be bought , that true talent can be found anywhere even in the slums. With the Kibera talent search, we sought to find…

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Smile Train

THE BRIEF The smile train puts smiles on the faces of children who would have otherwise led their lives without a normal smile. We wanted to be part of this.

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Run Be

Run Be. was an initiative to bring youth from marginalized communities together in order to discuss their basic human rights and empower them to seek proper channels of justice. WE…

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WE LOVE FASHION Lulu needed a brand design that would set it aside and differentiate it as a modern African fashion brand. LOGO DESIGN We developed a strong but sophisticated…

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DIVA THE BRIEF Diva Glycerine is 100% Natural scent-free skin moisturizer. It keeps your skin moisturized and nourished while building an even skin structure. FRESH FRI Fresh Fri has been…

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THE BRIEF Market shapes the medical funds industry through an innovative solution that allows customers to save today for their health in the future. OUR APPROACH We wanted to engage…

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THE BRIEF Salit cooking oil offers the best value quality oil in the market today. However they wanted to respond to the market demand for easy pour caps for their…

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Red Acafellaz

This was Red Acafellaz introduction into the scene. We made sure that it was a fitting introduction with a great album launch and content intergration.

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